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AmeriSouth Relocation LLC

  • Reviewed by Grant S Slocombe

    From : Paterson, NJ
    To : Hallendale, FL
    Qouted: 1,350.00 $
    Payed: 1,500.00 $
    For me, it was a big move, so I shopped around before deciding to choose Amerisouth. They seemed to give me a better price on my quote than other companies. Plus, they always kept me in the picture whenever whenever I had more questions.
    The day of the move went fast and smoothe. I couldnt be more satisfied.Everything was picked up on the agreed date, and delivery on the day promised.It was all packed properly in the truck and most importantly safely....The movers were very nice and polite.They did their best to meet all my requests...I was very happy with this company...Now a days, its difficult to find honest, reliable businesses who care about their work.Thank you very much Amerisouth!
  • Reviewed by Amy Lee

    From : north bergen nj
    To : wayne nj
    Qouted: 1000 $
    Payed: 1000 $
    They did a great job on my move from NJ to OH. They were so friendly and the price was great! Everything arrived on time and they handled my furniture with great care. I tell everyone thats moving to use this company because its the best moving company i have ever had the pleasure of working with. They were very proffessional and overall just perfect.
  • Reviewed by Kara White

    From : Hackensack,NJ
    To : Miami,FL
    Qouted: 1200.00 $
    Payed: 1275.00 $
    I used several moving companies because I moved several times in my life. Yesterday I used Amerisouth Relocation for the first time and the experience was awesome. The team of movers showed up at 8am and completed the entire move within four hours. I must say that they were quite fast considering the volume of my stuff, But what really impressed me is their accuracy. Though there were some odd shaped items the movers applied their skills and experience to avoid any hassles. My inventory was perfect even after the move and the cost of the move remained within my reach.
  • Reviewed by Taira

    From : Nyc
    To : Atlanta, ga
    Qouted: 750 $
    Payed: 1200 $
    Do not fall for the hype or false good reviews. I just currently moved out of state with Amerisouth. They robbed me blind. They quoted me 750 for the items I told them which was to the exact when they arrived. Upon arrival the mover told me it would cost flat rate 1200. That's almost double and there was not a box more than what I was quoted at. The mover was very pushy and knowing I had no other option last minute. He kept brushing off my questions about the cubic feet and I wanted to go on the truck and measure it together because I knew for a fact my items did not come close to the amount he wrote down. This company is a scam. I was told and which I video recorded him saying if I paid 70 percent of the cash at that point my stuff would be to Georgia in 2-3 days yea right try 2 weeks. When I called to ask why I haven't received my items the receptionist who is also full of crap said one of their trucks broke down. Trust me when I say run from this company they are liars and will jack up the price when you are at your most vulnerable time. They also arrived and said they had to box up my televisions etc and charged me for additional supplies which no one at the company made me aware of. They charged me for 2 tv boxes and they only used one placing both of my flat screens in one box. The box was a recycled box from several previous moves. Scam scam scam!!!!! DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY if you're on a budget trust me its better to fork out for a better company. They also have an F on better business bureau. 
  • Reviewed by MidMelody

    From : New York
    To : Maryland
    Qouted: 800 $
    Payed: 1600 $
    Beware! They trick you in with low estimate and then charge you double the price and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. We are just so stupid to use such a filthy company.