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  • Reviewed by Simon Snell

    From : Bronx, NY
    To : Buffalo, NY
    Qouted: 560.00 $
    Payed: 720.00 $
    I ended up paying nearly $200 more for the move than expected. Some of the delays were down to me, though. Plus, there were some traffic hold-ups. Can't really blame the movers for that.
    The job they did was actually very good. 'Cos some of my stuff I just didn't pack right, they even offered to repack - that's the delay I caused! So, full marks to them for professionalism above and beyond the call of duty!
    Obviously not a long haul, but traffic is somthing no one can predict, I guess. When the truck eventually arrived in Buffalo, unloading seemed to take no time at all and the crew did it all in a friendly, polite and cheerful way.
    OOn balance, I was pretty pleased with the experience.
  • Reviewed by Emily Lane

    From : Bronx, NY
    To : Queens, NY
    Qouted: 360.00 $
    Payed: 540.00 $
    OK, so maybe it no great distance as far as moves go. But for the price, this had to be one of the best. I stll shopped around for several quotes and E & J Moving came up with the best to suit my budget. Not just a good price, but perfectly suited to the move I needed to make. The team worked hard, worked well and made my move go smooth as possible.