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  • Reviewed by Bernard Fuchs

    From : New York, NY
    To : Tampa, FL
    Qouted: 4,450 $
    Payed: 4,450 $
    To be honest, I thought twice about using such a big-name company. Maybe a smaller outfit would have been cheaper. I don't know.
    What I do know, though, is High Touch Moving helped me make a very successful move! Most of all that was in the way you proved to me that you really do care and that each and every customer is still an individual as far as you're concerned.
    And in terms of the price, you stood by it - no more, no less. Spot on. More than might be said for a supposedly "cheaper" mover!
    I'll be more than happy to pass on my recommendations and won't hesitate to use you again! Thank you!
  • Reviewed by Cactus

    From : qhuQvgERTS8
    To : xJEKlExGH
    Qouted: safjAIofJ21f $
    Payed: EZwlxHpXkif $
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