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Moving kits and bundles – are they worth it?

If you’ve been planning to move home, you might have given some thought to some of the many moving kits and bundles available on the market today. They certainly seem to offer all that you could possibly need in the way of moving supplies – for you to take care of your packing needs – and they might appear an economic buy. But are they really all that they might be cracked up to be? In a word, are they really worth it?

What’s in a bundle?

Just what you get for your money depends, of course, on the particular packaging retailer or supplier you choose. Some offer lots of boxes, for example, while others give you just a few. The fact is that the size of the bundle you’re buying is pretty much up to the supplier.

As a result, you might end up with too many boxes for your needs. In that case, of course, you’ll have spent more than you need and overpaid for the dubious privilege of doing the packing yourself. On the other hand, you could find that you run out of boxes before everything is packed up, only to pay the movers for the necessary extra boxes when they arrive – and at the premium prices charged by moving companies, you could be paying an even higher average price per box.

Do you need it all?

There can be another disadvantage in buying a pre-selected moving kit. One approach, for example, is simply to multiply the number of kits you need by the number of rooms in your home – one kit for each room.

On the face of it, this might seem like a perfectly reasonable solution – until you discover that each kit comes not only with its fixed number of boxes, but a whole host of additional packing supplies, such as duct tape, bubble wrap, box knife and marker pens.

But how many knives or marker pens do you really need? Even if you have a 10-room home, you’re hardly likely to need 10 knives and pens.

As far as any bubble wrap, wrapping paper or tape is concerned, you might find perfectly suitable supplies from your local convenience store at a fraction of the cost.

A moving kit or bundle might appear to be a convenient, hassle-free way of preparing for your upcoming big move, but it could prove a more expensive and wasteful buy than you first thought. Second thoughts might give you the time to reconsider.

If you do go ahead and buy such a kit or bundle and find you’re left with surplus supplies, do remember to let us know about it by posting a note on our website, where we’d ask you also to take just a moment or two to write a short review about the moving company you used.