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Moving Boxes

Free Moving Boxes

We have good quality gently used (only once) moving boxes of all sizes. They're yours if you need them.

Free moving boxes

Nice moving boxes, wardrobe boxes, and wrapping paper available for someone who is moving. Boxes are in good condition and all sizes available.

Free Boxes

Good morning. I have approximately 25 boxes of various sizes I am would like to part with from my move this past weekend. The boxes are of various sizes but are your standard United Movers type box. Boxes have been used once and are in great shape. Can be picked up after 6 pm today (6/25) or later in the week. Location is 14th and C NE.

Free Moving Boxes

100+ moving boxes used in just one move. Most boxes were purchased a week ago from Home Depot. Extra large and medium size boxes.

Moving soon 7/1

I am moving at the end of the month and I should have plenty of used boxes for anyone in the area who needs them. We could use the money, but I am willing to give away the extra boxes. We use expired Greensheet news papers to pack with, so we wont have any bubble wrap. You can feel free to reuse our Greensheet "packing supplies" if you would like. A tip would be appreciated, but payment is not req

Moving boxes for sale

Boxes for sale all for $50.00 8 Wardrobe boxes w/hanging rod (24x24x40) 6 Medium boxes (18x18x16) 3 Large dish boxes 11 Small boxes (16x12x12) Several stacks of packing paper

Need boxes to move

Please text or call. Im from new britain,n need movings boxes thank u

Moving Boxes

My boyfriend and I are moving in July. If anyone has used card board boxes they are willing to give away. Contact me at my phone number or email. Thank you Kendra

Free Moving Boxes

Free Home Depot moving boxes (used once). All sizes plus wardrobe boxes.

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