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Moving Boxes

Many huge sturdy shipping boxes and packing materials to give away before it rains.

About 15 big furniture boxes, and another 10 3x3 boxes. I need you to come get it.  Currently, boxes are still boxes - haven't flattened them. Off JUanita Drive in north Kirkland/Bothell.


WANTED: moving supplies (not boxes)-paper, Tape, bubble wrap, bunge cords, dish sleeves/wrap, etc. Preparing to move to another state. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Elizabeth

Free boxes and packing materials

50 plus standard sized packing and shipping boxes and multiple wardrobe boxes. Must go. No one can beat our price because they are FREE!

Free moving boxes

Many free moving boxes! 2 - Xtra Large boxes (good for bed linens) 1 - glass pack with packing materials 1- dish pack with packing materials Many medium and small/book book boxes. Free to whoever can pick them up!

Free moving boxes.

Just moved, can have all the moving boxes for free

Moving boxes and blankets for sale

Selling 14 Wardrobe boxes w/ bars, 12 Dishpacks, 35 4.5 boxes, 23 book boxes, 1 mirror box, 1 tv box, 2 mattress boxes, and 20 moving blankets- $250

Moving from Rancho Bernardo/ San Diego

I am in need of small, medium, large and mirror boxes. If you have any for sale or for free, please contact me. I would like to be sensitive to our green environment. Thank you.

Free moving boxes and blankets

Some used once some multiple times: approximate #s Wardrobe with and without bar: - 5 Short wardrobe with and without - 6 Lg. - 15 Med. - 35 Sm. - 30 Blankets - 15 West Weatherford pick up ASAP please

Free moving supplies

I have boxes of all sizes (including wardrobe), packing paper, moving blankets, and packing tape. All are clean and in good condition and were only used once just last week. I will give all away for free.

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