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Organize your own Moving Sale

As you start to pack your belongings in preparation for moving house, you will come across things that you no longer need. Maybe there are clothes that no longer fit, are out of fashion or are worn out; toys that are broken or have been outgrown; gifts that you have never used; items that you just don’t use or need any more.

Don’t throw these things away! Organize your own moving sale!

You might think that no one could possibly want your unused and unwanted things, but you would be surprised! Remember, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure – give someone the chance of finding their treasure at your moving sale!

We are constantly being encouraged to reuse, recycle and reduce; holding a moving sale is a great way for you to do all three of these important actions. Another advantage of holding a moving sale is that you are de-cluttering before your move, so you won’t be paying a moving company to move stuff you don’t want. You also will make a bit of extra cash which will help with your moving costs.

As soon as you know you will be moving, start to systematically go through each and every drawer and closet in the house. Have 3 moving boxes assembled; mark them ‘Moving Sale’, ‘Trash’ and the last one will be for packing items from that room with things that won’t be needed until after you move. Write in pencil on the boxes; use a permanent marker to write the room and the contents on the packaging tape of the box of items that are being kept and moved to the new house. This keeps the used moving boxes in a reusable condition.

A great place to start is out-of-season clothes, because they can stay in their moving boxes until the next season. As you go from room to room, gather the items for your moving sale into one location; the garage is a great place as you won’t have far to move them on your sale day. Perhaps ask a close friend to come and help you.

To encourage lots of buyers to your moving sale, you need to get the word out. Flyers are the best way to do this; they can be hand-delivered into local mailboxes and put up in local shop windows. Moving sale flyers are really easy to do if you use the template at; this is a proven format for a moving sale flyer and you can copy and use the template for free. So, go there for the best moving sale flyer.

A few days before your moving sale, organize some cash to be able to make change and a cash box or bag to put it in. Write clear price stickers or tags to put on the goods; make up boxes of a variety of things for people to rummage through and have a uniform price for everything in each box.

Start early on the morning of your moving sale – your customers will! Move everything out of the garage and spread it around the grass and the driveway. Decorate the mailbox with balloons and streamers to catch the eye of passers-by and so attract more customers. Be prepared to haggle and reduce some prices in order to sell as much as possible.

After your successful moving sale, donate any leftover goods to your favorite charity.