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Recycling of moving boxes

Why do we encourage the recycling of moving boxes?

MovingBoxesMart  is a good way for  people who have finished with their moving  to post an ad on the site for free, so they can sell or give their used moving boxes to someone else who is moving house. This helps us keep moving boxes in circulation for as long as possible.

Cardboard boxes are a necessary part of moving house; there simply isn’t any other viable means of getting all your belongings safely from one place to the next. The average household uses in excess of 30 moving boxes for each move. With over 100,000 properties changing hands each month, more than 3 million moving boxes will be needed. This amounts to over 3,500 tons of cardboard boxes, used every month, for moving houses.

To make just one ton of cardboard, approximately 17 trees have to be cut down and pulped. Even though most cardboard boxes are now made from recycled paper and cardboard, some trees are still involved in the manufacture of cardboard moving boxes. The process of recycling the used paper and cardboard comes with its own environmental impact, using vast amounts of water and electricity. Producing moving boxes from either source creates problems for the delicate environment.

To add even more to the pollution problem of making moving boxes, a large quantity of recycling takes place in countries with a cheaper labor force, notably China and India. So the recycled cardboard and paper is first shipped across the seas and then the boxes have to be shipped back again to the western countries that use them. It is great that most moving boxes are made from recycled products, but the process is incredibly damaging to the planet.

Then what happens to the moving boxes after they have been emptied by the household after their move? Unless they are needed for storage, they either end up in the trash or in the curbside recycling – ready to be recycled back into boxes again! There has to be a better way!

This is where MovingBoxesMart comes in. You can visit the website and find recycled moving boxes in your local area. These boxes have been used before by another house mover, but are still in good, usable condition, waiting to be used again and again. And you won’t even have to travel far to pick them up. The website also encourages other companies to advertise their used boxes as well, like moving companies and shipping companies.

One of the best things about our moving boxes is their price. While some are for sale, their cost is usually very low, much lower than you would be charged by your moving company. However, most of the boxes you will find on MovingBoxesMart are actually free, so this is a win/win situation for all.

After you have finished your move and unpacked your boxes, what will you do with them? Naturally, you will go back to, and post a free ad for the moving boxes you have in a reusable condition. You may advertise them for a price or as a giveaway, just the same as when you found the boxes you used for your move. This way, someone else will be able to use the same boxes and we will be able to keep moving boxes out of landfill for as long as possible.