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  • Reviewed by Gerry Washington

    From : Columbia, MD
    To : Highland, MD
    Qouted: 2,700.00 $
    Payed: 2,700.00 $
    Our move was difficult and complicated because we had all our things spread about in a number of places and some of it had to go into temporary storage. It was all quite a headache until Universal Movers Jacob came around to see us and started sorting everything out. He answered all our questions, helped organize the logistics and worked late one night just to put together an acceptable and realistic quote. Everything he did - a lot - was honest and straight forward. His advice helped us to build up a much better organized and logical move.
    Jacob joined the crew for the move itself. Everyone was really courteous and very careful with all our belongings, so nothing got damaged. Even though the weather was bad, they took care to keep the inside of the home clean.
    The company stuck to their word about a firm price and the costs didn't go up even though it took in things outside the scope of the quote - like the multiple locations around the Maryland area.
    We highly recommend Universal for any move. They are honest, give an accurate quote, arrive on time, communicate well, and most importantly, are careful.